Sunday, August 16, 2009

What I Made: Butterfly Notecard

A friend invited me to join her at The Art Bar in Santa Ana, CA, this afternoon. This was my first visit and I think it's a great concept. It's a little gem of a craft shop tucked away in the Santa Ana arts district where you can drop in and make crafts! If you enjoy decoupage, metal charms, collage, scrapbooking, book making, and other paper-based crafts then this is the craft store for you.

I had a good time, but before I gush too much, let me tell you that there was a downside to going on a Sunday afternoon. The shop was very, very full and noisy. As I did the project Nicole (the owner) rang up purchases and assisted shoppers. As a result there was a lot of "down" time as I waited for Nicole to give me the supplies I needed for the next step. However, she made up for the wait with her cheery attitude and a small little freebie in the note card kit that I purchased. NOTE: I went back to The Art Bar a couple of weeks after this post. The Art Bar truly is a ZOO on the weekends. Enter at your own risk.

I made a butterfly notecard using a notecard blank, Sakura glaze pens, glitter glue, and Cavellini wrapping paper for the foundation illustration. I drew the antennae and the caterpillar's legs using a superfine pen.

Here's the front:

Here is a detailed shot of the back:

It's not perfect, but it was a first try. Next time: less glaze pen and less glitter.

This was such an easy, quick little project. I wish I had layered more of the glazing on the card but I didn't have enough time to let all of the layers dry before I had to leave. I bought a little kit while I was there to make a different notecard (without the glazing). I think I may pick up some of the glaze pens and some of the wrapping paper this week...I want to make more cards!

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