Sunday, August 16, 2009

Iraqi Bundles of Love

I just read a post on Pink Chalk Studio's blog about Iraqi Bundles of Love. I was directed to Kristin La Flamme's blog, whose husband is the soldier organizing this wonderful drive:

The basic premise is to make a bundle of fabric and sewing supplies from your own stash, mail it to my hubby’s APO (American) address, and he will facilitate the distribution of the bundles. By bundling the goodies, it saves time on his end as he won’t have to redistribute the supplies or use excess packaging for them, and it makes it far simpler for his local counterparts to distribute them to those in need.

Give your unused fabric, notions, and sewing tools to those in need. The project only runs until September 7, 2009, when the military unit who is sponsoring this drive leaves Iraq. If you want to help, the instructions for building a bundle are here.

I'm going to poke around in my closet/stash to see what I might have to send!

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