Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fortunate Finds: Annabella says "Mix Your Own Colors for Fall"

It's like a fiery inferno here in California it's so hot.  Ok, I exaggerate, but it has been quite hot the last few days leading up to this Labor Day Weekend that is supposed to mark the end of summer.

Given the heat, I remembered a little magazine that I found at an estate sale last number called Modern Women:  a Magazine Published by your ICE Company.  I have Volume 7, Number 5, and while it has no publication date, given the fashion and other little clues I have dated it to 1937 or 1938:

Subliminal message:  ice delivery truck in the background

This slim volume was published a several times a year and was sponsored by the Ice and Coal Industry to promote the use of ice and "air-conditioned ice refrigerators" (the kind that is cooled by a huge block of ice).

In 1937, in the midst of the Great Depression, there were approximately 122 million people living in the United States -- but only 2 million rather well-off families had refrigerators.  Articles included fashion, beauty, recipes, and housekeeping tips along with ice refrigeration ads, of course.

This volume had a lovely three page article starring Annabella, a highly-sought after French movie actress who was good friends with Schiaparelli and  married Tyrone Powers in 1939:
Image via

You can read a bit more about her here

I've reproduced the article, "Annabella Says Mix Your Own Colors for Fall" entirely for you here, as Annabella personally selected the clothing and discussed style trends for the upcoming season.  Note the period styling tips that Annabella shares by by Molyneaux, Schiaparelli, and Chanel.

But you'll have to use your imagination, as this fashion spread only talks about fall colors and it was photographed in black and white!   Think about tones of Autumn when looking at the fabulous ensembles pictured here:


I also found myself staring at this page for quite a while...

...and then decided to go enjoy the automatic "fruits" of modern refrigeration: a  huge glass of ice water!

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  1. Great find Collette! Annabella is a stylish lady! That punch looks nice! Stay cool! :)

  2. Love those vintage fashions. Old magazines are so fun to read. thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday--hope you'll be back this week!


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