Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Sewing Projects?

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It's fall (so they say, it's still hot like summer here) so it's time to go back to school for me. Sewing class has begun and I'm still trying to decide which projects to make.

First, I have to fix Simplicity 2936:

It's too big. 

You can probably see that neckline is HUGE (and though it's hard to tell, also very low-cut). The sleeves are also a little too voluminous as well (also hard to see in this picture). My guess is that this is what comes of slashing the pattern the easy way, like this:

to lower the bust and add volume, and not doing a full-bust adjustment instead.

I'm still learning how to fit so this is still new to me, but I can see how I might want to do things differently next time. My instructor is sure we can fix it -- we'll see. I'm really bummed about it because I've been wanting to wear it for ages.

For my other projects, dare I attempt another Vogue pattern after the frustrating flower purse? I really like Vogue 8527:


As color-blocking is hot this fall, and this silhouette has a retro 80s feel I really love I'm thinking about this knit dress:

V8610, via

I also would like to try a capelet, though as I don't really need one I'm not sure this is my first choice:

M5764, via

Dear Readers, which is your favorite?  What are you making this fall?


  1. the capelets are really sweet. could you wear the black top over a knit longsleeve top? i know you said its still warm there but maybe even just putting it over a tank would work?
    i dont make clothes....they scare me

  2. Hi Susan -- I understand your fear. Learning how to fit can be a chore. I really do have to take in the seams on the blouse -- it's too big all over really.

  3. I actually tried to make it once before - the really short one, only I tried to make it with a hood, which was a bad idea. It didn't work at all! Other than that I have not started it at all. Your blog is very cute, I'll be adding it to my list.


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