Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Craft Update: Vogue 8642

Sorry for the long silence friends; it's been a crazy couple of weeks.  In spite of busyness I did complete the infamous purse, Vogue 8642, and not a moment too soon, eh?  It's been almost a year!  I think I should get the award for the slowest sewist ever.

Wish I had someone available to model my creations.  I stuffed the purse with paper and snapped a quick shot this afternoon, so it's a bit lopsided:

I modified the width of this purse -- by about an inch on each side --  it's not quite as wide or dramatic as the original pattern.  As cute as the purses Vogue 8642 turned out, I will probably never sew this pattern again.   I found the instructions confusing at times and so did my sewing instructor, and she has been sewing for at least 40 years!

I never would have been able to sew this on my own, and that is why I was only able to sew it during class time when I could get help from my instructor.  This is not a purse for a beginner/advanced beginner like me, so if you're not an experienced sewist be forewarned.

More to come soon....


  1. Sorry you had a hard time but the results are gorgeous! I've been sewing 40+ years too and find that Vogue patterns "assume" the sewist will do this or that (like trimming a seam) before proceeding. Frustrating.

  2. Oh, however, it was worth, it was beautiful and elegant, now just enjoy!

  3. Thanks so much for the lovely comments! It was definitely a labor of love. I was frustrated with that pattern but I'll still give other Vogue patterns a try, I think.


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