Thursday, April 22, 2010

Making Time to Sew

I haven't sewn much in the the past few months.  I'm sure that you've noticed that I haven't shared a sewing project in ages. I have my excuses, such as the fact that it is so much faster for me to pick up a ball of yarn and a crochet hook and plop down in front of the television to make a scarf rather than take the time to set up my sewing nook in order to sew. Excuses aside, for the past month I've been just itching to sew, yet I found that I wouldn't let myself take the time because of competing work and household demands.  So I decided to enroll again in sewing class with the same teacher I had last fall.  I have come to realize that if I don't actually schedule time to craft my good intentions get swallowed up and I only dream of all the pretty things I want to make.
Those of you who also follow me on Twitter know that finally took the machine orientation class at my local Bernina shop a few weeks ago (I know, I know, that's the first thing you are supposed to do when you get a new machine).  But "disaster" struck and I had to leave Heidi at the shop for 2 weeks because her LED screen kept fading in and out.  Ironically the problem turned out to be a minor fix. I now understand why the serious sewists have at least one back up machine.  I was so bereft that I actually went to a thrift store and looked at old mechanical machines, but I couldn't find one that I liked.

Well, Heidi is back now and life is good again. I'm still working on some older projects that I will show you when they are finished.  But the big box craft store is having a huge sale right now so I picked up this beauty  that I have had literally my eye on for two months:

Aren't these purses to die for? This will be the very first time that I've ever sewn a Vogue pattern.  When I first learned to sew years ago my instructor told us not to buy Vogue patterns because the construction was too advanced for beginners because the instructions assumed that the sewist was at an intermediate skill level or higher.  I was told to stick to Simplicity patterns.  My current teacher says that Vogue has improved and that the instructions are excellent.  We shall see. I'm going to make this one in a linen blend with her help, and I figure that it's going to be a bit of a challenge for me:

I've decided to spend less time on Vintage Thingies Thursday each month in order to make time in my life to actually craft, and also to make room during the week to post about craft projects. After all, I started this blog to talk about vintage and crafting, especially sewing, crocheting, and paper arts.  So expect VTT about twice a month, Tomorrow's Vintage Collectibles about once a month, Madison Avenue Monday every week, and in between all of that there will be talk of crafting, works-in-progress, and hopefully some finished projects.  Sound good?

Dear readers, I've been wondering if you too are so busy that you actually have to schedule time to craft.  So how do you find the time for your crafty pursuits? Feel free to share a tip or two.

Images courtesy of The McCall Pattern Company.


  1. I really like that purse - I was looking at it on the website the other day. I like Vogue patterns a lot, and I'm not advanced or even probably intermediate. I find the instructions clear, and the draft nicer than Simplicity.

    I do my crafting at night... I work afternoons/evenings, so I'm not an early to bed type. That works for me, since no one is up to bother me then! I don't schedule time to blog though, with the result that I post sort of haphazardly. I can't wait to see your purse!

  2. I don't have a sewing machine of my own so that is my excuse for not sewing. My Mum is a wonderful sewist and she loves it when I have a project for her. Love those bags! Glad to hear Heidi is back on track. :)

  3. I can honestly say that I have those issues as I watch my grand children all day, take care of a house with my daughter, son in law and garandson living here too and half the time don't have time to breathe, painting time is limited and I am struggling to make my painting my job instead of kids, so I can't offer much on the suggestions, I paint better in the winter when there is no yard work and it gets dark earlier, so I am in the house. When you figure it out, let me know!! All the best to you!

  4. The best time for me to craft is when it STRIKES! If I don't get workin on a project after the initial excitement of the greatest: fabric, pattern, idea...on earth:) then it will sit and sit and sit. There's ALWAYS something else to do! Since I am a single mom with health issues it's never ALL going to be done anyway....May as well "create" and find enjoyment here and there!:)

  5. Love it!

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  6. I am a new follower from FF, My sewing/embroider machine has been packed away since we moved in November. I haven't found the perfect space yet to put it so it remains in a box. I miss my sewing. I did take up crocheting too and have been crocheting like crazy.

    I love the purses, I've been needing a new purse desperately! This would be perfect!

  7. That purse looks fabulous! I bet (and hope!) it will be easier than you think, Vogue Patterns are no harder to me than Simplicity or Mccalls, unless you're talking Vogue Designer Patterns.
    There is not enough time in my life to sew! Once I realize I have a free night with no plans or obligations, I get so excited knowing I can sew freely. So when I know there's an upcoming free night, I mentally schedule it for myself. (I don't actually book a meeting on my calendar but I get kind of disappointed if something comes up and stops me from sewing!). I have no tips, just let yourself get into it when you're inspired, and don't feel like you have to craft just cause you have time or it's been a while.

  8. Those handbags ARE quite lovely! I hope that you do have time to work on them. It is rather hard to find time to do personally crafting, but I did manage to complete one project for my home that I'll share soon. I'm still trying to find the perfect balance between business and crafty pursuits! Theresa

  9. It is so tough to get time and energy to be crafty but I like seeing what others do!
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  10. I love that pattern! I don't necessarily schedule time for sewing, but I do get awfully testy when something interrupts!

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  12. I was thinking, looking at the first pic.. oh that's nice, but it's probably too small... then I scrolled down! YAY! Purses for REAL women... I need to make one. Now to find the pattern...


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