Monday, April 5, 2010

Madison Avenue Monday

McCall's Needlework, 1953

Simplicity Sewing Book, 1963

Apparently people had longer attention spans in 1953 and 1963, at least, attention spans long enough to read the dense writing in these ads. The scans could be a little better, but these are the best I could do with my home scanner.

I chose these ads because Heidi is in the shop.  Apparently the machine tech is in some sort of training this week and she won't be looked at until Friday at the earliest.  Sewing sure is "pfun" when you actually have a machine. (sigh) I think I'll work on my hand sewing this week.


  1. I certainly couldn't be bothered to read all that little text. It's probably the Internet that has given humanity a mild case of ADD.

  2. Neither could I, actually (I skimmed). And I scanned and posted the darn things!

  3. What delightful ads, thank you for sharing them! I actually really like the fact that some older advertisements were so full of small print, it makes me feel like companies were going to greater lengths to try and convince you of the merits of their products, than many do today.

    Oodles of hugs & blissful Tuesday wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Thanks Jessica! Still, I would find reading an ad this dense too tedious and a turn-off. :-)

  5. Thanks for visiting! Hope you drop by again!


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