Monday, March 25, 2013

Survey Says: Reader Poll Feedback

Have you been waiting to hear the results of the Serendipity Handmade reader poll from last month?  Maybe...maybe not...but here are the highlights anyway!  Thanks again to those who participated; I've been thinking long and hard about making changes to the blog as a result of your feedback. 

Question 1.  What are your favorite regular posts at Serendipity Handmade (choose up to 3):

Fortunate Finds (vintage items in my collection or that I discover at thrift stores, etc.) and updates about the various craft projects I make are the overwhelming winners here, with field trips coming in third in terms of interest.  I'm glad that you really like some the current content on this blog.

I am surprised that Madison Avenue Monday is not more popular, but it's at least as popular as sharing vintage recipes is, so I'll continue to do both.  However, MAM won't be weekly any longer.

As the Tomorrow's Vintage Collectibles series seems to be of little interest I am sending it to the Great Blog Post Farm to be put out to pasture (I promise that no harm will come to it!).

Question 2.  What topics would you like to see posts about in the future? (choose as many as you like):

I'll definitely pull more often from the top five or so topics on this list when considering future topic posts.

You handed me another surprise: I threw "vintage home decor" in there as an option and didn't expect the enthusiastic response.  So what exactly do you want to see?  Vintage photos of home decor from magazines?  Interior design advice?  Because the last time I talked about vintage design only one person left a comment.  Please give me a little more feedback on this.

Wordless Wednesday will also be heading out to pasture.

Question 3.  What types of giveaways or contests do you prefer? (choose as many as you like):

Duly noted.  I'm glad that the book giveaways have proved to be popular.

Questions 5 & 6.  How often should I post / How long should blog posts be?

These two questions are related.  Again you surprised me...some of you are perfectly fine with the current twice-per-week schedule. But just over half of you want to read this blog more often.  Yay!   So as an experiment I will shoot for three posts per week and see how that works.

Now is a good time to mention why I've only been blogging twice a week.  You probably know very well we bloggers love to get feedback for the time and effort that we put in to our blogs.  I think it is true that most bloggers thrive on comments.

According to Google, an average of 300 people visit this blog every day.  That's a lot!  There are tons of blogs to choose from on the Web, and I know that most people lead busy lives, so I am grateful for every legitimate comment that I receive on my posts.  But the sad truth is that comments have dropped off on this blog, except for those on giveaway posts.

And it's really no fun for me to write this blog if the posts that have taken a great deal of time to prepare or write receive few or no comments.  That said,  I would like to hear from you more often.  I love hearing your opinions and learning new things from all of you.  But if the status quo continues and comments don't increase here over the next couple of months I am considering putting the blog on hiatus.  Of course I hope that you all will decide to comment more....

Question 7.  How should I share additional photos?

You overwhelmingly prefer Flickr.  Guess what? I prefer Instagram!  (For those of you who want to see WIPs and craft projects that will never make it to the blog feel free to visit me there).  But I'll still be around at Flickr because it's great for storing large numbers of photos (such as for a field trip).

Following this blog:

You've probably heard that Google Friend Connect and Google Reader will cease to exist come July.  I've always hoped to offer you as many options as possible for blog following, so you can get new post notifications via Bloglovin', HelloCotton, Twitter, Facebook. Or you can simply subscribe via email.

One of my favorite online hangouts:

Pinterest.  I could spend hours there.  (Ok, sometimes I do!).  I tend to pin at least one item everyday, especially to my various fashion, photo, and tutorial, craft and DIY boards.

Do you spend a lot of time on Pinterest? You may want to check out my boards.  I currently recommend the small A Tisket, A Tasket board for Easter DIY and craft inspiration.

And that's all for today, dear readers.  Comments?


  1. What a cool way to see how readers use your blog!

    1. The answers have been very insightful so I'm glad that I did it. And Polldaddy made it easy to do.

  2. Howdy! I attached them with elasticized loops held on by the metal crimp, which also holds onto the bead string.

    1. Hi Lisette. It took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about...the beaded glasses chain! I think I might like to make one. Thanks!


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