Friday, June 10, 2011

A Step-Saving Kitchen from 1949

I've been floating around the web looking for 1930s and 1940s kitchen color schemes (due to my new swedish weaving/huck embroidery kitchen towel fascination) and I came across this charming video for a U-shaped kitchen designed by the Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics:

I love some of the ideas in the design (and I love the Bakelite radio installed by the telephone)!  Did you know that you need at least 36 inches of counter space to mix bread dough properly?

As for storage, I like the idea of standing racks for baking pans above the counter rather than below, and the storage bins above and at counter height are brilliant for saving counter space.  Though I do think there are some flaws in the design.  For example, storing items above a stove is only asking for heat-damage or loss of flavor/nutrients. 

What do you think of the step-saving kitchen?

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  1. I

    The mixing center is amazing but the trash bin thingy sold me completely!!!

    The fold back doors over the range!!

    I have always loved corner cabinets like those. And a towel drying rack!


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