Monday, April 2, 2012

Madison Avenue Monday: Zing Into Spring

Sorry that MAM is so late today....

You know I love the I chose this ad because I like the mod color-block dress illustration in the background.  The artist paired it with patterned hose.

Color-blocking is on trend this Spring, and I've seen quite a few women wearing patterned hose over the last couple of months...but I haven't seen the color-blocking and patterned hose together...yet.

vintage ad, yarn, linen, color-block dresses, 1960s, Serendipity Handmade
Partial ad from McCall's Needlework and Crafts, 1968


  1. I love color blocking too! It never goes out of style.

    1. I really like 60s mod style so I can't help but love the bold contrasts.

  2. Me three! Color blocking can always be jazzed up/down to suit the current trends!

    I'll leave the patterned stocking to you younger ones though!

    1. I'm glad we're in agreement about color-blocking! It's my favorite fashion trend at the moment.


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