Saturday, April 21, 2012

In Progress: Simplicity 2936 and Pauloa 901A + Giveaway Winner

As I mentioned in my last post, I just felt like sewing over the past week.  When I had a spare moment I cut, pinned, and sewed.  I did that today too in-between errands, and that's why this post has been published so late in the day.  I guess I've been a little obsessed. 

Now for my inspiration. Two weeks ago while watching the Mad Men "Mystery Date" episode and drooling over Joan's rose-patterned dresses (roses are my favorite flower, and Joan's style is my favorite, with Megan's style being a close second), I was delighted to see Joan wear this simple blush pink blouse patterned all over with tiny rosebuds in the last scene:

Photo shamelessly borrowed from the fab TLo guys

It reminded me a bit of this vintage eyelet fabric that I had in my stash:

Vintage eyelet fabric with strawberry pattern at Serendipity Handmade

Actually, we should call this "faux-let" because it is not really eyelet.  Why?  The design surrounding the small hole (cut-out) on real eyelet is embroidered.  On this fabric the flowers are stamped, making it cheaper to produce and available at a lower cost.  This is a 50-50 cotton poly blend too, again, lowering the cost.

This delicate print reminds me of summer picnics in the sun.  So I decided to make Simplicity 2936 again, view D this time, because my pattern is already altered to fit (sort of!).  You may remember that having made view F before I will still need to make size adjustments after sewing.   I actually just cut it out a few days ago, and the blouse is about 65% finished.

I also still need to sew the facings, make the button holes, and hem it.  I pinned it to Esme to give you an idea of how it looks:

I will probably have to set the sleeves in again as they don't quite fit the armhole opening (you can see they don't quite match up to the bodice pieces).  This is because my sewing instructor and I adjusted the bodice piece to fit perfectly with the view F flutter sleeves.  The same bodice pattern piece is used for view D but the shape of the puff sleeve is different. 

There are two tucks on either side in the front, and one on either side in the back.  I LOVE tucks, which is one of the reasons Joan's blouse charmed me so much. 

I've also cut out and prepped Pauloa 901A, a.k.a. "Kekahi".  I was hoping to get a little further with this project but that was impossible due to the number of tailor tacks I've had to make. I took a photo of only four of the pieces, so you can see what I mean:

And I'm still not done with the markings.  I know I can use chalk or pencil to mark but I find that it mysteriously disappears on me before I can sew the pieces together.  I've taken to using tacks if there are a lot of pattern markings.

You know, I'm starting to feel a lot more confident about my sewing skills now.   I think being able to take on these (still simple) patterns without assistance shows that I've made some real progress over the last couple of years in re-learning how to sew.

I have to admit I'm proud of myself having been a beginner two years ago who hadn't sewn since high school.  I still need to learn to set in a zipper (well) though, so I guess I'm still an advanced beginner.  That's ok.  I'm really looking forward to my sewing future.

{giveaway winner}

Lisette is the lucky winner of McCall's 6147!

This dress is going to be so very cute when it's made up so I hope we'll get to see it (perhaps on Lisette's blog?).  Thanks to everyone who entered, and a special welcome my new readers who decided to follow the blog.  I hope that all of you have had a little time for yourself this week or weekend to pursue your own creative dreams!  Until Monday....

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  1. Your faux eyelet fabric is soooooo cute - the blouse is gonna be adorable! I have a top I made in 1973* of gingham faux eyelet stamped with flocked strawberries!!

    *Yes, I am something of a pack rack and have saved some of my earliest sewing efforts!


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