Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Keepers: Vintage Sewing Patterns That Are Mine, All Mine

I mentioned a while back that I would show you some of the sewing patterns that I just won't part from. Sometimes I'm in love with the clothing design, the illustration, or both. There are a number of reasons that I might keep a pattern. So, here are a few of those patterns in my collection that I consider gems:

I am going to make the sun hat one day. 
Perhaps this coming summer....

Fishing?! On a sewing pattern?  This is one of the
most uniquely illustrated patterns in my collection.


This one is so 70s Boho.  I have fantasies that I'm going to wear
that midi coat and those hip-huggers in stretch lace someday. 
For Halloween.

I am so, so in love with this dress. View two with the draped bodice is
gorgeous inexactly that color red. Doesn't view two look like something
Betty Draper
would wear? The illustration even looks like her.... 

This is the prom dress I never had but desperately wanted!  The bubble mini
is near and dear to my heart, and I'm glad to see it making a comeback. 
I love the poofy sleeves on view four in purple !


  1. I'm so glad you appreciate the old patterns! That 50s dress is awesome. I had too many old pattersn, and gave some to the thrift store. I hope someone got them who loves them.

  2. French Picnic love the vintage patterns!

  3. The patterns are lovely and deserve to be kept safe! I loved the midi skirts and maxi coats, such a welcome fashion after the hotpants for a girl with thick legs and living in a cold country!


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