Monday, February 27, 2012

Madison Avenue Monday: Party Color

A photo spread of party dresses made from vintage Simplicity patterns in Modern Miss magazine, Winter 1960:

Simplicity 3616

Simplicity 3483

Simplicity 3593, 3538

Simplicity 3183 (my favorite)


  1. That smiling guy must be creepy in real life because they're all leaning to get away from him. That first lady is even trying to hide behind a plant.

    Love the necklines on the dresses.

  2. Betty Draper, is that you?? These ads could not be more perfect!!

    1. The first model does remind me of January Jones! And I can see Betty Draper wearing that silver dress too.

  3. Those gals need some calcium or something! Stand up straight already! I want the silver fabric now!


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