Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vintage Cookbook Inspiration

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I haven't felt like cooking in what seems like ages.  And thus I haven't shared any recipes.  The weather is finally starting to become crisp enough in the evenings to inspire me to turn on the oven. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year for cooking, as root vegetables are plentiful and the season just calls for hearty casseroles, soups, and roasts. 

 I was thumbing through my cookbooks the other day for some new ideas when I rediscovered my copy of Betty Crocker's New Dinner for Two Cookbook from 1964.

I've actually never used it! Yet this cookbook is a gem.  It has recipes broken into regional favorites (such as the East, the Southwest, Midwest), seasons (so there is a menu for fall), quick dinners, dinners for company, thrifty dinners, and tips and tricks.  There are a great variety of recipes here, from Minute Steak to Lobster Tails.  How did I overlook this cookbook?

Doesn't this roast pork look yummy?  It's the perfect fall menu , as apples are at their prime and squash is in season:

 Some of the menus contain a helpful timetable:

Why don't ALL cookbooks have schedules?  And all cookbooks should have charming illustrations too:

I think it might be fun to try a mid-century recipe or two and let you know how it turns out.  What are some of your favorite fall recipes?


  1. Oh how delightful, I have (off the top of my head, what I think is a slightly earlier version of) this fantastic vintage cookbook, too, and agree that a definite winner!

    This post has reminded me of what a gem of a cookbook it is, and I'm going to bust it out later today and see if I can't add a few new (technically, old :D) recipes to our menu this month. (Thank you!)

    Tons of hugs & happy Wednesday wishes,

  2. I have the Better Homes and Gardens mid-century version. I loves it! Those time tables are a Betty Crocker thing I think!

  3. My mom has SO many old cookbooks. They rock and always have the greatest recipes.

  4. Ohh vintage cookbooks are so much fun..I have few and I always enjoy flipping through the pages looking at the old recipes. YES that pork roast looks soo good!

  5. I love vintage cookbooks. I always look through them and find a few recipes to try. Very nice cookbook. Happy VTT!

  6. Regardless of the year, Betty Crocker cookbooks have the best recipes.

  7. I love vintage cookbooks! They are the first thing I go to at the Thrift store! Great post! ♥

  8. You can believe I have quite a few cookbooks, and some interesting vintage ones too. I'll get around to showing them all one day!

    I agree -- Betty Crocker cookbooks rock!

  9. This really is my favorite time of year to cook. The feel in the air is motivation:) This would be a great cookbook to go through. Enjoy your weekend!


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