Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One More "Over the Top" Blog

I've been ruminating more about my favorite blogs since my last post, and there is one more blog that I'd like to share with you, Diary of a Sewing Fanatic.  Of course, I'm going to pass along the "Over the Top Blog Award" too.

I've only been reading Carolyn's blog for a few months, but I have learned quite a bit about the technical aspects of sewing from her very informative and detailed posts.  I firmly believe that she helps to make contemporary and vintage sewing more accessible for new and beginning sewists like myself.  If you're new to the craft or jumping back in after a long absence like I am, be sure to read all of her New Sewists Thursday posts.

I think her "inspired" dresses are FABULOUS. For example, this dress:

Although I watch Project Runway religiously and have heard him called a "Top American Designer" many times, I've never been much of a Michael Kors fan.  Until Carolyn made her version of his dress:

I like her version much better!

I also really like the quote by Connie Crawford on Carolyn's blog that reads, "Looking good is not about what size you wear, but how well the garments fit!" I concur. Sometimes the only way to get a perfect fit is to make it yourself!

Photos courtesy of Diary of Sewing Fanatic and Michael Kors.


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for not only enjoying my blog ramblings but thinking so highly of my garments. I am glad that you are returning to sewing and even more humbled that my new Sewists Thursdays posts are of value to you on your journey!

    Thanks for the award ~ it is so appreciated!!!!

  2. I gave you an award! Check it out here:

    Love your blog and your shop;)

  3. Carolyn -- you are so welcome! You deserve it! Thank you for the encouragement.

    Ginger -- Another one?!?! I'm so surprised and grateful. THANK YOU! :-)


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