Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Cleaning?

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It's that time of year, isn't it?  And it's never as fun as she makes it look in the photo. 

I thought I'd re-post Peg Bracken's snarky and fun housekeeping tips from the I Hate to Housekeep book again this year for the reluctant housekeepers among my readership (we are a silent minority, I think!).   Reluctant to clean or not, everybody likes to live in a tidy space even if we would rather pursue our hobbies than clean house.  As such, I find some of Peg's practical advice, originally directed to the 1960s housewife, to be applicable today:

And Peg's writing is always good for a laugh.

Do you have cleaning tips that make housekeeping faster, easier, or possibly even fun?  Feel free to share them here.


  1. I am retired and the first thing I said to myself is NOW I will have time to really clean the house. Guess what - you don't have time. My house was cleaner when I was working. My tip is always have baking soda and vinegar near by.

    1. Ha ha! I guess the only way to have a clean house all of the time is to hire a live-in maid (in my dreams, of course). I also use vinegar; it is one of my favorite earth-friendly cleaning products.

  2. No tips cause no matter what it's gonna get dirty - again.

  3. I fully realize that I may be the odd (wo)man out in this regard, but (if we take my health issues out of the equation) I really enjoy cleaning. I mean, sure, some tasks are more pleasant and enjoyable than others, but regardless of the time of year or chore to be done, I usually greet with a chipper outlook. There's just something so fantastic about having every spic and span, and well organized that makes doing the grunt work more than worth it in my books.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Actually, you're not odd at all! I used to enjoy cleaning and love having a clean house but I don't enjoy it AT ALL anymore because of my health issues (it simply causes too much pain to vacuum, dust, scrub, etc). I do still enjoy organizing, though, and find that less taxing than the recurrent grind of cleaning.


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