Saturday, December 8, 2012

What Would Miss Farrell Wear? The Costumes of Annie

Do you remember Annie, the charming film that was based on the Broadway musical and starred Aileen Quinn? If you've seen the film you will no doubt remember the incomparable Miss Grace Farrell, played by the lovely Ann Reinking:

Although the film was fun and the musical numbers were grand, it was the classic, stylish Depression-era costuming for Miss Farrell that made the deepest impression upon me. I wanted to dress like her when I grew up. And dance with the Asp and Punjab too:

As  I was posting patterns to the shop over the last couple of weeks I often thought of Miss Farrell given the classic, elegant tailoring in these patterns:

Would you agree that these designs would suit Miss Farell well?  Of course she would have this darling jacket and muff made for Annie as well (click on the link to see one of the  McCall's patterns released  in the late 1970s to tie-in with the musical). 

If you haven't seen this lighthearted and delightful film it is very easy to find, and you will probably enjoy Caroll Burnett's performance as Miss Hannigan, along with those by Tim Curry and Bernadette Peters.  The clip below is from my favorite musical number, Let's Go to the Movies:

What do you think of Miss Farrell's style?

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  1. I love musicals but Annie is not one of my faves. I prefer not to watch if it's gonna make me cry. :) I wish I was long and lean so I could pull off wearing one of those 30's dresses...


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