Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fortunate Finds: Disney Cinderella Apron Pattern by J.C. Penney

I stumbled over this gem of a pattern at an estate sale:

This is a giveaway promotional pattern from J.C. Penney department stores that tied in with the 1950 release of Walt Disney's Cinderella film. It's in decent condition considering it's age, even though it is foxed and wrinkled.  I'm happy to say it is unused.
I am dating it to precisely 1950 because the Advance dress pattern mentioned at the bottom of this page (Advance 5406) dates to the 1940s, and Cinderella was first released in 1950:

 The caption above reads: "Trust a Parisian to know style!  Both Jaq (at right), who's French, and Gus-Gus (left), who's strictly Disneyland, appreciate the chic of those Sorority rayon prints at a thrift 98 cents a yard.  The dress Cinderella's wearing with her dress-up apron here is Advance Pattern 5406."

Of course this giveaway pattern was intended to promote Penney's fabric department. I wish I could buy rayon prints for $.69 a yard today:

It is magical, as our Fairy Godmother tells us below!  The apron can tie and the back, front or side, and as you can see the fabric choices are limitless and it can be trimmed  in various ways.  I think I will have to sew this one for myself; it's just too cute!



  1. I found out about this pattern about 5 years ago and went on a frenzied search for it! Ended up paying way too much for it on eBay but I love it! Haven't made one yet though. We should make Christmas-y ones and swap!

    I keep trying to figure out how to display the pattern itself. The folder is beautiful on every side!

    1. Great idea Becky! Let's do it! :)

      It really is a lovely pattern. Mine is quite foxed and wrinkled so I don't think it is suitable for display. You could simply frame yours to display it. That would protect it from further damage as well.

  2. This pattern is beyond adorable! I stumbled upon a copy about 2.5 years on etsy and instantly bought it on spot (especially because it was very decently priced). Though I'm really not much of a sewer (don't have that much skill/training and often find sewing very hard from a health standpoint), I have a habit of buying vintage patterns (from the 40s and 50s) I love, when I find them for a song, and probably have a couple dozen or more that I've gathered over the years.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I have this pattern and plan to make an apron for each daughter-in-law or Christmas this year


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