Monday, July 9, 2012

Madison Avenue Monday: Americana Fabric

With such unhappy looking models in their advertising it's probably a good thing that Sears isn't trying to sell fabric anymore.

From Good Housekeeping Needlecraft, Spring-Summer 1972


  1. ha! They do look pretty mean!

    As a coincidence, we just posted two Sears Zip-and-Dash dresses to our Etsy shop today with a very Americana look too (which I love!).

  2. Ack. I'd be sullen too if I had to wear double knit poly and ester!!! I hated the fabric then and still today. Makes my skin crawl.

    1. It was probably hot under the lights in the photography studio too! Poor models.

  3. No doubt someone was going for an artsy kind of vibe here, but the less-than-chipper models really don't help boast sales. Some of the fabrics are great through, I especially like the red gingham-esque number.

    Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday, sweet friend,
    ♥ Jessica


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