Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Backyard Co-op Victory Garden

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In mid-April two friends and I started a cooperative organic garden in my backyard, a.k.a.
The Backyard Co-op Victory Garden. 

It's a creative effort to eat locally and organically (and incidentally, this garden is one of my major life distractions right now). 

We don't have to live with rationing in 2012 so you might ask what exactly are we gaining victory over?  High produce prices, huge carbon footprints, pesticide, and lack of taste in supermarket produce.

via The Victory Garden of Tomorrow poster project by Joe Wirtheim

My husband and I have a typically Southern California tiny backyard (because lots for houses built after 1970 here are SMALL) and an equally tiny bed for growing veggies.  We're also growing tomatoes and bell peppers in containers:

A tiny new lemon growing on our small tree:

In the bed are two zucchini squash, two string bean plants, two green onion (scallion) plants, some Italian oregano, and a basil plant. I've never grown zucchini before and I find the blooms to be so beautiful.

Here are a couple of photos of the Squash Monster, or the largest of the two zucchini plants and a couple of slender new string beans:

As May draws to a close I am amazed at the growth in the garden in little over a month.  Dear readers, have you planted a garden this year?

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  1. Jealous as can be here!!

    Simply gorgeous!!

    We had a garden in the country. Still trying to figure the lay of the land here in the city. I did put a couple of peppers in pots and have a cutting from my rosemary in the ground and some chives.

    1. Oh thank you Becky! I think it's a bit therapeutic to have a garden in the city, no matter how small.

  2. I'm so delighted for you! We don't have enough land for a garden on our property (or a community plot nearby), so I'll just have to garden vicariously through you and yours :)

    Zucchini blossoms are absolutely beautiful, I agree - and rather scrumptious, too (whether stuffed and fried or swirled through a risotto).

    Wishing you an awesome crop & tons of gardening fun!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Jessica, I'll have to get your zucchini flowers recipe! I'll email you.

  3. Loving the garden.Unfortunately my dog likes to dig so the only edible things growing are rhubarb and rosemary.However I am very lucky and my in laws live across the street and his veggies are the best.If you get stuck for zucchini ideas i have a fab cake recipe.x

    1. Thanks. I know what you mean about the dog -- I've finally trained mine not to walk across the vegetable bed at will.

      Yes, please, I'd love to have your zucchini cake recipe! Just email me.

  4. such a fantastic kitchen garden. me, I potted up some mung beans in mine.


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