Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vintage Thingies Thursday: Royal Wedding Edition

I have to admit that I tried not to get too caught up in the Royal Wedding hoopla over the past weeks but as the day draws near Kate and Will's wedding is consuming most of my attention. Naturally I have to post about along with nearly everyone else in the blogosphere.

Dear readers, are you going to watch the wedding live? I can't decide -- it starts at 3 a.m. Pacific Time!

I've been looking at my tiny collection of British royalty-related items, and have been perusing past royal wedding photos online.  I thumbed through my tiny collection of books about Charles, Di, and William:

I can't wait to see Kate's dress! Frankly, it's the only reason I'm considering getting up at 3 a.m. to watch because I'm dying to see it. I'm sure she will look as lovely as Diana did on her day:

Image from Trevor Hall's Born to Be King

In honor of the upcoming wedding I decided to adapt a recipe from the 1959 Better Homes & Garden's Holiday Cook Book in order to make my version of Royal Wedding Cookies, or a fancy dress hat worthy of being worn to a royal wedding.

The original recipe is for Easter Bonnet cookies. I spent hours experimenting with this recipe, including dyeing the coconut different shades with food coloring in order to see the effect. The cookie itself is a sugar cookie, and to make it look like a hat the crown is made by dipping a marshmallow in milk then rolling it in colored coconut:

To update this recipe to modern times, I decided that an all-white iced cookie with a feathery coconut crown and an extra mint sprig "feather" would look elegant. Even so, I would call this a vintage cookie FAIL. It was WAY too much work for a cookie that only somewhat resembles a hat:

I suppose that is why few, if any besides myself, have trotted out this recipe in 60 years.  If you'd like "construction" details, let me know.

Suzanne also has a nice Royal Wedding edition of Vintage Thingies Thursday up right now -- I encourage you to visit.

Enjoy the wedding!


  1. No one will replace Princess Diane as to watching another Royal wedding. I will hopefully sleep trough it.

  2. Neener! I have a laundry chute!! LoL. thanks for stopping my bees knees bungalow. Believe me, w/ 4's one of the things that saves me. And fyi.. for the royal wedding, my friend's co-workers are all making giant headbands (Fascinator's)and having a party. Fun!
    xo Jeanne


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