Monday, December 20, 2010

Madison Avenue Monday: 12/25 Shops Christmas Crafts from 1971

The following images are from a Los Angeles Times newspaper Sunday insert, October 17, 1971. The insert was a preview catalog of handmade international handicrafts and toys available for purchase in major department stores such F.A.O. Schwartz, Filene's, and Bloomingdale's across the country. Aren't you glad we have online sites like Etsy to easily find amazing handmade crafts now?

Have you ever made a God's Eye (figure R) as a Christmas craft?
This was a popular folksy craft when I was a kid

The catalog included short narratives about Christmas traditions in other lands,
such as this lovely story about
Vesely Vanoce

I want the musical Matryoshka! What's on your Christmas wish list?


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  2. Nice to see these sweet Christmas crafts from 1971! Yes I made several God's Eyes using paddle pop sticks as a child!

    Also nice to see the lovely items you've made lately!

    Merry Christmas dear Collette!


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