Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vintage Thingies Thursday: Butterick Home Catalog, Summer 1970, Part Two

Meet the ten designers for the Young America Creates series of patterns in the Butterick Home Catalog, Summer 1970:

The text reads, "...Who is better qualified to design for this generation than the young themselves?  With this in mind, Butterick joined Glamour and Celanese in a search for young talent." Perhaps you might think of them as being part of a contest that was probably one of the precursors to Project Runway.

The ten designers are John Mijatovich, John Nickleson, Oscar Esparza, Brooke Hunyady, Suzanne Wray, William McKnight, Marcus Ors, Gerald McMillan, Michael Frankenberg, and Jeanne Augey.

And here are a few of the patterns in the series:

And here are the ten winning looks as sewn:

My favorite look was designed by Brooke Hunyady, pattern number 5724 (fourth from the left).  I believe that I found Ms. Hunyady's website.  She attended Parsons, and I find it interesting that she has done quite a bit of photography and graphic design work in addition to fashion design over the years.

I haven't yet looked to see what all ten designers are doing today.  My question is, as it seems that they received their "big break" into the fashion industry in 1970, what are they doing now, forty years later? 


  1. wonderful patterns, fashion has come a long way. sorry I am so late, I want to throw my computer in the street.....Happy VTT!

  2. I love those. I wonder too what they ended up doing. The long coat is my favorite!! Have a PEAR-fect day!

  3. French Picnic love all your resourcefulness!

  4. These absolutely slay me. :) I was born in 1970, so the early 70's fashion is a bit of a blur. Still, I LOVE how the models all have this lungey, wide-spaced stance, and how looong their legs are. Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow what a fun post. I agree, it would be fun to know what they are doing now. They all look so serious in the picture.


  6. Totally groovy! Love the retro styles.


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