Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wait a moment dah-ling, I forgot my...




Another charming, yet inexplicable vintage ad from the 1960s.  This forgetful socialite was brought to you by the Montgomery Ward mail-order catalog.  Perhaps ads like this one helped drive the mail order giant into bankruptcy...but that is another story.

Anyway, the "Blend of Broadcloths" advertisement above was taped to one of my patterns by the former sewist for a Pima cotton day dress in the exact same style as Simplicity 4491(view 2):

When I turned the page over, I found this:

And then I realized...Montgomery Ward marketed specific fabrics in conjunction with specific sewing patterns!  Which is actually a brilliant marketing strategy, with the exception of the dippy poses in which their models were photographed.

I certainly wish that I could purchase one of the great terrycloth prints for the "Sew-Easy Advance Jr., Misses' Beach Shift."   I really like the "Wonder Bread" polka dot pattern, number 105.  However, after careful research I don't think that any such pattern by Advance exists! If anyone knows which Advance pattern makes this "beach shift," by all means post a comment.

Oh, and the sunglasses are sold on page 127.


  1. Happy Saturday SITS Sharefest...just a little late :)

  2. Actually that last one would probably be a big hit on the beach now-- I never did get into terrycloth for some reason. Love the sunglasses too! BAHAHAHAHA Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

  3. Oh - I love those! I wonder what our children will be laughing at in 20 years!

  4. Oh I am going to love strolling through your blog. I'll be back!

  5. Thanks for the comments KK and Brenda Jean...

    Jeanne, I'm already laughing at some of today's fashions...I'm sure, it won't take 20 years for some! (ha ha)...

    ...and Glenna, I'm glad that you like my blog!


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