Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday: Classic Jeweled Treasures

Several years ago I walked into an acquaintance's living room during the Christmas season. On the wall, lit from behind, was a Christmas tree made entirely out of costume jewelry. I instantly loved it, even if it was mounted upon black velvet. All she could tell me about it was that her grandmother had made it years before.

Fast forward to December 2006. I was reading Cathy Callahan's blog when, lo and behold, she wrote a post about Bobi Hall's Classic Jeweled Treasures! And thus I learned that there were actual directions to guide me in the creation of these lovely trees:

It wasn't until late this summer that I found two copies of the booklet at an estate sale. Lucky me! I wear the majority of my vintage costume jewelry, so I have been hard at work over the past couple of months looking for cheap and sparkly costume pieces at estate sales and thrift stores. Here are a few of my finds:

I've also found some lovely vintage rhinestone buttons that will work really well for this project. Most of them I've purchased online, because I hardly ever find these at estate sales in my area:

I think it may be a while before I have amassed enough jewelry, buttons, and beads to make myself a tree. I'm in no hurry. I may break down and use those wonderful rhinestone buttons in some other project.

What do you all think of the costume jewelry tree? Do you like them, or do they remind you too much of Elvis on velvet? Well, if you would like to make a "jeweled treasure" for yourself, I put the second copy of this wonderful craft booklet in my Etsy shop!


  1. wow what a novelty. I have never seen one before. What bling!


  2. They are really something!! I especially like the top right tree...the shape, I think, is nice. It would take Way-y-y to long for me to make one and my sewing would suffer, but I am happy you are going to do it. Hope you post lots of pics when it's finished.
    Oh--and don't you love Bobi's hairdo? LOL


  3. Thanks for stopping by Jocelyn!

    Sue, I like the shape of the top right tree too, but I also really like the owl-themed topiary on the bottom right. That one can be displayed year-round.

    BTW, one of my school librarians wore her hair almost exactly like Bobi's...well into the early 80s!

  4. I LOVE the jeweled trees! How fun it must be to find all of these vintage, often forgotten "treasures!" I just added your Etsy shop to my favorites ~ How fun! It's so hard to find good vintage patterns these days :)
    Have a great day, SITSta :)

  5. I love those jeweled trees! Your friends has a real treasure there!


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